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Ice cream - Meaning of Dream

Ice cream

The meaning of a dream with an ice cream depends mostly on its state (cold or melted) and a person who is eating it. In general, seeing an ice cream in your dream is a good sign. It brings a feeling of satisfaction with your life, success, warm meetings, and prosperity. But on the other hand, it may imply that it’s time for you to cool off because there can be situations which may provoke you to mean actions. Control your temper.

If you’re eating an ice cream in your dream, it represents that you’ll be successful in your undertakings. But don’t relax! You shouldn’t take it for granted. To maintain your business successful, one should work hard and never overestimate his/her potential. So if you have some idea on your mind seriously concerning your future, don’t be afraid to bring it to life! Everything will come out as you suppose! Many people’s mistake is that they are afraid of unknown. It’s normal! But you should bear in mind that to achieve great goals in life these fears should be killed.

Also, eating ice cream when it is hot means that you should expect meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for ages. It’ll be a hearty meeting. Finally you’ve met again a person you had been missing for so long. But you shouldn’t count on returning of the past feelings and relations. Nothing good will come out. It’s a bad idea.

If there are children eating ice cream in your dream, this sign promises you prosperity and happiness in your whole life. Congratulations! You’ll do well both in business and in your private life. Is there anything else to wish for?

If you’re eating an ice cream that is already a little melted, it implies that your satisfaction will be interrupted by someone or something that will make you upset. In other words, such a dream is a prediction of a failure. There are a lot of reasons for it: some of them depend on you and some don’t. Look out and try to do your best to avoid the situations with unpleasant outcome, which are within your control and influence. It’ll make your life easier letting you spend your time on other important stuff.

If a girl has dropped an ice cream in the presence of her boyfriend, it signifies that soon she’ll fall in love with another man. She’ll leave her present beloved in an unreasonably cruel way.

If you’re watching how an ice cream is melting in your dream, it means that you won’t be successful in bringing your hopes and intentions to life. Think about a possible reason for it. Maybe it’s something you could escape.

To dream that you’re eating a sour ice cream symbolizes sorrow and betrayal in the future.

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