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Ice - Meaning of Dream


Ice is a symbol of the cold, which can be cold of loss or cooling in a relationship. Dreaming of ice, is a sign of trouble, which is very difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

In the dream, ice is considered as a bad sign, as it is a symbol of the permafrost.

Ice keeps a mystery that man has not yet opened, so a dream in which you see the ice is bad. For a girl, dreaming of ice, means the collapse of her relationship with her boyfriend. For boys, ice, means betrayal and further break up.

But it is necessary always to read the interpretation of dreams up to the end and then answer the question: what ice means, and that will appear to be not as unpleasant for you.

For married people who dream of ice, this dream foretells separation, but if the ice breaks or you smash it in a dream, then the dream may be called pleasant, as it promises you problems in marital happiness that you will overcome together with your partner. Most importantly to do everything together and stay as a couple, and marital happiness will be long and happy.

For the elderly, if they see the dream about ice, it means the disease, but if the ice melts or breaks down, then the disease will be treated soon.

If you dream that you smash or break the ice, and you do it easily without effort, such a dream carries a charge of positive energy, as it symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

If the ice does not melt or break apart as you want, it is a sign that maybe you will face some strong test that will not break you, but rather reinforce your abilities.

For young children to see ice in the dream, it is a sign that the child will face all sorts of obstacles, but he/she will finally overcome it with great difficulty, unless of course the child realizes that the fight should by conducted my means of mind and not by force.

If you see yourself in the ice, it means some loss; you can lose either some things, or even friendship. But do not be afraid to lose that person forever, ice is not a harbinger of death.

If you see some animals in ice, it means that all your enemies are neutralized forever and they will never be able to interfere in your business again. In any case, you shouldn’t despair, because if you break frozen water in the dream, in reality all problems, sorrows and tribulations will be solved by you and your efforts.

This dream is, first of all, a warning of what to avoid and fear. You should not look for enemies or adventures after this dream.

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