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Iceberg - Meaning of Dream

Iceberg in the dream means that a dreamer sees the situation rather superficially. A dreamer doesn’t see the troubles which exist in reality. Maybe surroundings and relatives don’t appreciate your deeds. You need to act in different way for them to understand you. Therefore you will reveal more strength in your affairs.

To see the top of an iceberg is to get sudden burst of hidden positive emotions.

A dream where you see an expanse of an ocean with a few icebergs means different problems connected with your colleagues.

If you see an iceberg melting, this dream warns you about problems in sphere of intimate relations.

If an iceberg turned upside down, it is a sign that your self-control will help you to fight envier’s intrigues.

If an iceberg appeared from darkness – be ready for financial improvement. To see it disappear in darkness – all money you gain will soon be wasted.

To see as you are walking along an iceberg means that your desire for entertainment will harm you.

To observe an iceberg from the ship means that you might interrupt somebody’s private affairs.

If you see yourself sun-bathing on an iceberg, in real life use more grace while managing your private affairs.

For a woman, to save herself from a shipwreck and float on an iceberg means a direct unconscious desire to get pregnant. Stand face to face with an iceberg, for a woman – means to find a new sexual partner.

For a man, such a dream is a sign that soon he will need to clarify his intimate relations. Also beware of your competitors.

Intimate meaning of iceberg signals about the end in your love affairs. Your relations are not as engaging and harmonious as it was before. All of that because of mutual estrangement in intimate sphere. You need to take some rest and be separate for some time.