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Icon - Meaning of Dream

Our dreams are so different, and mixed. Some are alarming, others inspire joy and hope, other make you afraid and be careful in everything and everywhere. Probably one of the most alarming dreams is a dream about icon.

It would seem that the icon can’t portend anything wrong. But, nevertheless, after seeing such dream you might feel concern and worry.

In the interpretation of the dreams, you can find several options of icons meaning. In general, these options do carry extremely positive.

Icon, seen in the dream, promises positive and beneficial changes which will occur in your life very soon.

Especially it is a good sign if you see the icon in the dream before or shortly before some critical moments in your life, such as weddings, birth of a child, or a move to a new apartment, new home, changing of jobs, and so on.

It is a very good sign, if you see the dream with an icon before some transaction, for which you do not agree immediately, because of your fear.

Seen icon in the dream, promises a blessing to your business. And also, the fact that you will definitely be able to solve even the most complicated and confusing situation; your strength will be enough to solve any problem.

If you dreamed of an icon, which you pray to, think of it as a harbinger of the support provided to you by friends, colleagues, partners or relatives.

If you dream that someone of close relatives buys an icon, a dream means that soon you will be betrayed, and will receive a denial on the request for assistance from good friends. Also, soon you could lose your job or family, or a friend. But it will be enough just to be careful in all activities and relationships for some, until a dangerous period passes.

To dream of icons, many icons that are hanged on the walls in the house, museum, church, means that soon you will make the right choice in some situation. Also, this dream promises you God's protection, guardianship. This means that in the nearest future you will find a suitable candidate for the groom. And after all the wedding will take place and everything will be very good in a new family.

If you dreamed of an icon that dramatically or gradually transformed into a living human or demonstrated some kind of activity, it gives an indication of the character traits. Most likely you are happened to believe in miracles, magic or simply something supernatural. This dream means that such faith is fruitful; in many cases it will be easier to achieve your goals.

Icon is a symbol of help of higher powers. Anyone who sees this sign in a dream can count on the supernatural manifestations of coincidences, successful destiny and unexpected pleasant news.