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Ideal - Meaning of Dream

Some psychological dream books interpret the dreams about an ideal person, as an indication that a dreamer is not satisfied with a partner and not quite happy in marriage. Even if everything seems to be usual and close to delight, subconsciously, you look for a perfect partner. In this case, you should pay more attention to your soul mate in everyday life, and sometimes ask yourself the important questions concerning further relations with this person.

If you dream of your ideal, you admire and praise his/her perfection, it tells that in reality you will have positive changes and progress in a long time "stagnant" affairs; and also will experience future financial well-being. For unmarried girls, this dream foretells new friends and fun, together with fulfillment of many secretly cherished desires.

If a bachelor saw his ideal woman in a dream, soon his personal life will favorably change. If a married woman dreamed of her ideal man or a married man saw the perfect woman – it tells that in reality they should be ready for promotion, together with the receipt of the honorary status and position in society.

This dream also tells that in reality you take up the running in relations with the opposite sex and gain the affection of others with own charisma and extraordinary personality.

And if you dream of yourself being an ideal person, it portends favorable events and implementation of long conceived plans and most cherished wishes.

If you zealously admire someone’s beauty considering it as an ideal, this dream also promises positive changes in business.

If you see the ideal in a dream, it does not mean that you should meet him/her in everyday life; it is just a generalized character of friends and loved ones. Therefore it is better not to pursue the ideals and not to hope for the meeting with the perfect non-existent person, and build a relationship with the "sublunary" beings that are nearby.

An ideal in a dream also serves as a symbol and reminder of the transience of life, and tells that a person can waste the whole life in the pursuit of a disembodied ideal.