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Idleness - Meaning of Dream

Idleness in a dream symbolizes necessity to transfer from observation to creation.

In a dream you see your close people lounging away their time, in real life they might be in danger, they have to be ready for troubles.

In a dream you are weary and do nothing, in real life you will have troubles in realization of your plans, perhaps collapse of your dreams.

If a young lady is idling in a dream, she will have bad habits and unhappy marriage. Also, for girls idleness in a dream means that they strive for success with the opposite sex, but they can’t find a worthy young man anywhere. Often it is an expression of the desire to behave not as it is accepted by society.

Idleness in a modern dream book is a sign that you've made a wrong decision, "went astray”. Idleness is always a negative dream, a premonition of intense frustration, perhaps, the lack of success in the future endeavors. If idleness is seen by a woman in a dream, it is a sign that her partner is lazy and will not be able to achieve family happiness.

Idleness in a dream book by Miller means failure in business and unfulfilled plans. If you see your friends who wallow in idleness, it means that they will face misfortunes. Idleness primarily predicts failure due to bad habits, which are very difficult to get rid of.

Idleness in a dream book by Vanga is a lack of will to make a decision, a feeling of dissatisfaction of what you already have.