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Image - Meaning of Dream

The word “image” is a polysemantic one. That’s why it is interpreted from different sides as a possible sign in our dreams too. We take two meaning into consideration: as a figure of some person or thing and as a holy icon.

If you are seeing an image of an unknown to you person in your dream, it cautions you against being suggested some idea which can push you onto particular actions or being deceived. Often, such actions don’t end up successfully or legally. This negative influence threatens you if you are naïve, kind, trustful and carefree. It is what evildoers need; they notice such traits of character before you can say Jack Robinson. Nobody says that you have to suppress your individuality if you possess such qualities. What you should do is to be more attentive, reasonable, courageous in some situations and even pragmatic. Don’t have a habit to yield to your emotions. They can be too prejudicial and subjective. There may be situations when they can drag you down. For instance, when you must rebuff somebody or something, but you feel sorry for yourself, begin crying and run away. You’d better be more circumspect and listen to your mind. Evildoers pay attention to spinelessness too. It can be seen from a person’s ability to behave. Everyone must have his/her own point of view and principles. Also, stay away from suspicious offers and organizations. Remember that if you are careless, you can suffer both material and emotional losses in the long run.

Seeing an image of somebody you know is an unfavorable sign too. It represents that this person influences you in a bad way. You ought to pay attention to this fact because much harm can be done to you. Maybe, now you don’t understand it but you will a bit later. Get to know the members of your environment better, look at them closely. Probably, such a person looks for the benefits which can be gained in the result of communicating and collaborating with you. Try not to yield to somebody else’s influence even if a person seems quite respectful and decent. Be yourself, be an individual who always follows only your own beliefs. Although, you are welcome to listen to the advice of more experienced people, it is you who have to make a decision.

A dream in which you find yourself in a church or holding a holy image in your hands forebodes serious difficulties on your way. You’ll have to arm yourself with patience because you may suffer anxieties and torments.

If in your dream you are hanging a sacred image on somebody’s neck or give it to somebody, it signifies that you’ll make somebody worry and even suffer.

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