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Immortality - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of your own immortality, it is a good sign that promises you victory and significant achievements. This dream indicates that you can reach your goal and no obstacles will arise in your way. Small everyday problems and troubles will be solved quickly and without hassle or worries.

To dream as if someone you know has become immortal is an indication that he/she will soon win your deep respect, you will always trust him/her and will listen to his/her opinion. Perhaps the reason for this deference is a deal that you should have with this person, and in the process of work this person will demonstrate the best qualities.

If you dream that you have developed an elixir of immortality and gained worldwide fame because of that, be ready that your stable life will be changed by a rather difficult period soon. You decide to change your life and make a reality of the most secret and daring desires, but others do not understand and will not support you, so you will suffer from loneliness and lack of support from those closest people to you.

If you hear or read the news about somebody inventing a method to become immortal, it is a bad sign, indicating that in reality one of your relatives or best friends will catch up with a serious illness. The healing process will be long, you'll need a lot of effort and patience to help a loved one to overcome disease.

To be immortal in a dream means that you will have many troubles and you will solve all of them alone. Don’t wait for somebody’s help. It is a time of loneliness.