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Incense - Meaning of Dream

If the incense is fumigated over your head in a dream, it bodes that you will go to the hospital, because the old diseases will be evident again. Perhaps your disease will progress and it will be almost incurable.

If you also see an incensory, it indicates that the hopes for success and changes in life are real, so do not be lazy, brace your energies and act; otherwise you will not achieve anything.

If you carry the incense on your neck, it tells that you have accepted your fate with resignation, and do not want to change the situation even if you don’t like it. Also, such a dream may indicate that current life circumstances can lead to profitable affairs, and make you become a wealthy and successful businessman; you only have to conclude several lucrative contracts. If you lose a profitable opportunity, you will be left with nothing, thus you need to forget about depression and start working.

Frankincense is often a harbinger of negative events, but sometimes this character promises positive changes; it all depends on other elements of the dream.

If you simply dream of the incense, it bodes that you will have to help terminally ill relative or friend, so be patient and at least listen to this person, not to suffer remorse after all.

If you smell the incense, it bodes that you will be invited to the wedding, where you will have a lot of fun; but unfortunately the celebration will be darken with a fight. Also, such a dream could forebode an invitation to attend the funeral, so you should be ready to express your condolences to the loved one.

The incense in the church, tells that you will receive an invitation to the wedding from your ex-lover, but you shouldn’t attend the celebration, because the meeting will disquiet the long dormant feelings and nothing can be done about that. That is why you should send greetings letter, and refer to a business trip and inability to come.

In Miller’s dream book the incense heralds the funeral of a close friend. You will have to go to another city, because you have a lot of unpleasant memories here.

If you are fumigated with incense and sprinkled with holy water, it states that you have many hypocrites who want to benefit from your friendliness.