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Indian - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if you are a representative of an Indian tribe, it indicates your desire to change the life no matter what, and take the most decisive steps to reach the desired.

If you dream of an Indian in national clothes dancing around the campfire, it could mean an upcoming acquaintance with extraordinary personality. And if you are an Indian in traditional costume, this dream portends passionate love.

If one of your friends appears as an Indian, it tells that soon you will discover his/her unknown features of character.

Indians are rarely seen in the dreams by adults. After all, only a child can imagine himself being a representative of a tribe. When growing up, a person is less tempted to imagine different characters. But when an adult dreams as if he/she is an Indian with feathers and bright clothes, then he/she has a strong connection with the primitive nature. The appearance of an Indian in a dream makes it clear that in life a person lacks of vivid emotions and new impressions.

Many people used to trust dreams. It often happens that a dream serves as a warning to the person. This happens when a person sees a dream about an Indian.

An Indian is a warning that you need to be alert. It is possible that you are chased by a crafty person. Perhaps this person is plotting something bad and is ready to go on the warpath.

A dreaming about an Indian is always a herald of some future adventures. They can be both beneficial and adverse. If you are surrounded by Indians, it is likely that you will find yourself in a company of unfriendly people. If you dreamed of the Indians at night of Tuesday or Thursday, it portends an interesting journey into the exotic places.

Reflecting on Indian’s meaning in a dream, do not miss the fact which states that you subconsciously want to escape into the nature and get rid of the constant control. Perhaps you are burdened with generally accepted standards of behavior, but in life, you do not dare to oppose.

An Indian in a dream may also reflect the wish to have a rest from people and to change the way of life and even the partner. This dream can also have a sexual innuendo, indicating unrealized desires and dreams. This is a subconscious desire to come into contact with wild, untamed person living on the primordial laws of nature.

If you dreamed of an Indian, pay attention to your surroundings to see who can harass you with bad intentions. You need to be careful and timely protect yourself.