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Indifference - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are experiencing indifference, you feel sad and nothing pleases you, this dream predicts new interesting meeting and dating. Most likely, at first you will be intrigued and will hope for the better. Alas, in reality, this dating will be futile and boring, and with some time you won’t even remember it.

If you saw apathy/indifference of a loved one, it means that in reality he/she will do something silly forgetting caution, and neglecting moral standards. It seems that you have to put him/her on the right track and deter careless actions.

If a woman dreams that her loved one behaves with indifferent, in reality he will actually behave the same. Apparently, he is struggling to hide his feelings, but it is unsuccessful. But, if a lady dreams of own indifference towards her partner, it means that she will be a loyal and loving wife of this man.

Indifference of a stranger in a dream book by Miller means that in reality you jealously protect something that you don’t really need. After all, you will not feel any joy from these events and people.

If you quickly recovered from the melancholy, it means that you will realize your mistakes and the fact that not always a beautiful outlook has a great value.

If you suffer for a long time from boredom and indifference, in the future you will repeat the same mistakes.

Indifference in the dream book by Freud symbolizes jealousy. Moreover, it will be very strong and virtually controlled. If this dream is seen by a young girl, it means that subconsciously she wants to receive the proposal.

To fee indifference in a dream means that in real life you will lose countenance. It is possible that you will be separated with an old friend.

For a woman, to feel indifference from her partner in the dream –means that it is possible they will break up in the nearest future. She shouldn’t make illusions about her present love, the feelings of that person is worthless.

To be indifferent to everything means disappointment in real life.