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Institution - Meaning of Dream

An institution image in a dream is generally a favorable sign which mostly concerns your success in a professional sphere. A legislative institution refers to your relations with your family members.

If you are working at some institution in your dream, it means that soon you can be invited to take part in some joint project. You can start collaboration with some person or organization to develop a new product or service; be a member of a jury or a board of some organization. Generally speaking, you will do some work where you are to make decisions not by yourself but listening to your colleagues’ points of view who have the same responsibilities and rights.

Being invited to a formal party at some institution denotes that you’ll become unspeakably successful very soon. You will be in luck. Somebody will reward you with some bonuses, discounts, etc. Use them reasonably! It can be pure luck or the result of your painstaking efforts. Only you can find it out. If it is the second variant, it looks like your authorities decided that it is time to show you how they appreciate your work. They pinned their hopes on you, and you totally justified them. Nice work! With such an attitude you can be easily promoted soon or establish your own company. You have enough potential for it, and you have already proved this.

If you are at the head of some business, it is a dream which must be interpreted literally. It denotes the same – you will be promoted at work very soon. This change brings a range of additional positive components: your profit will be much higher; your family’s welfare will improve; finally, you’ll get the things you’ve always craved for but couldn’t afford; you can arrange an unforgettable vacation for you and your family; etc. However, you should remember that it won’t come to you out of the blue. You’ll achieve this only if you work really hard. If your advancement up a career ladder will take more time than you thought, don’t be depressed! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Seeing a legislative institution in your dream signifies that there can appear some conflicts among you and the members of your family. You may think that the only right way to solve them is to take strict measures towards your opponents. But sooner or later you will understand that your decision isn’t effective. You will never improve your relationships that way. To gain understanding, you’d better try to sort your quarrels out calmly and constructively. Everyone should walk in somebody else’s shoes to solve problems with each other.

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