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Insurance - Meaning of Dream


Insurance agency is a symbol of business activity, working with money, loss of finances and changes in life. As you know, dreams may be completely different. Something is seen in the dreams more often, and something, on the contrary, rarely.

Rarely, but sometimes you may dream of insurance agency, recruiting agency, or real estate agency. And even more strange it the fact that your real life is not connected with these spheres of business or such corporations. Consequently, there are many questions about such dreams and their interpretation.

Among them is: "Why do I dream of insurance?". Depending on what you do in the agency, you can make certain conclusions. For example, in the case you dream of a commercial agency (insurance, real estate, finance), then the interpretation will be more negative. In such case, it is often said that you will suffer loss of a large sum of money. This usually happens by distraction or inattention. Therefore, you should continue to be cautious after a dream.

If you dreamed of insurance agency on Monday night, then for the next week be ready for vain expectation, wasted time and loss of opportunity. As an alternative, you should plan something else, even if less important, but useful for you, your health or personal time. For example, you can schedule to go to someone else's house, to do the cleaning or solve other problems. If you dream of insurance agency at night on Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, this dream indicates the upcoming idleness and laziness.

Finally, if you dream of insurance agency at night on the weekend, it promises dramatic changes in life. Whether positive or negative, it is hard to distinguish. It is necessary to track the state of spiritual and material affairs, which takes place at this very moment. Dreaming of insurance agency often has less positive meaning. However, in some cases, it may be a waste of time, nothing more.

If you dream of insurance agent who is issuing you insurance, it means that you will have changes in family life. It is possible that some of your family members will leave a native home and will start a new life. It will be difficult for you to overcome the situation; however you need to brace your energies, and continue a regular course of events. If you give up, it is very likely that your enemies or rivals will take advantage over your condition and the situation will turn against you.

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