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Interior - Meaning of Dream

Interior is a quite common symbol, and not surprisingly it is often seen in the dreams. Its interpretation may be different, and it depends on the story and the participants.

The interior, which is decorated with whimsical accessories, bodes that you will listen to a fabulous husband’s explanations about his disappearance overnight. In this case, he should not be trusted; most likely he spent the time in the company of friends and ladies. For sure, you won’t prove anything, but you can take the revenge.

If a girl reflects on how to design the interior in the best way, in reality she will be proposed; and it is worth to say “yes”, because she will not find a better husband. Perhaps now this person doesn’t attract her attention, but eventually he will be able to win her heart.

If you dream of interior furnished with unusual objects, it tells that someone will startle you with own point of view, but you should not pay too much of attention because this person just wants to be remembered.

Richly furnished interior promises acquaintance with influential person, who will later support you.

If a woman designs and furnishes the interior of own home, in reality she will buy a house in foreseeable future. For a man, this dream foretells acquaintance with his future wife, who will keep the house in order.

If in a dream you admire the Art Nouveau interior, in reality you will repair your apartment which was delayed for a long time, so be patient and do things gradually, so as not to harm your health.

Thinking over what interior can mean in a dream, you should recall what color prevailed in it. If it had a red tone, it is an omen of a passionate affair, blue - alienation of affections, gold - profit, green - a new job, black - trouble, pink - romantic pastime.

If you rearrange the furniture in order to give the integrity to the interior, in reality you will try to change your life, and if you liked the general view of your interior, it means that in reality all changes will beneficial.

If a woman turned upside down everything in her apartment in a fit of wrath, it foreshadows a scandal with her husband because someone will tell him about her infidelity. The interior can carry both positive and negative meanings, so you need to take into account all the features of a dream.

In Millers interpretation, if you change the interior of the castle, it signifies your plans to make a luxurious mansion out of your modest housing, and will try to make every effort in order to realize your dream. If you hire the specialists and experts to create a unique interior for you, it tells that you will skillfully shift some of your problems onto someone else's shoulders.

If the interior is too crowded for you, it tells that your ambitions grew, but it does not mean that you will be accepted by people around; perhaps they will consider your actions as whim.

According to Vanga, if the interior did not match the room, in reality you will find yourself in a silly situation, and you will want to sneak out of danger with minimal moral losses, however you will have to sacrifice some life princes, in order not to lose self-esteem.

If you dream of a very poor interior, it portends upcoming improvement of housing and living conditions.

Cool interior in Freud's dream book is a sign that in the intimate life something went wrong with your partner. If you rearrange the furniture and change the interior of the apartment, you will have the new relations and diversity in romantic relationships. Gloomy interior symbolizes your bad mood at the moment of meetings and dating. If you dream of elegant interior, you will have a rich man with a very good soul, so try not to hurt him with your rudeness in the early days of dating.