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Interrogation - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of your own interrogation, in reality be very careful and attentive, it is possible that someone will seek incriminatory evidence about you. Behave properly and composedly, try not to talk to strangers, otherwise you risk becoming an opportune object for mean stab in the back.

If you behave unnaturally during the interrogation, this dream foretells that in reality you will take part in business managing quite unusual role for you. However, your intentions will be rather noble, you will try on someone else's mask in order to protect own interests.

If in a dream you were questioning someone, most likely, you are strongly interested in the private life of colleagues but you'll pay for your questionable curiosity. If you interrogated your loved one enthusiastically, then you will face distrust and misunderstanding in relationships.

If you observed the interrogation of a stranger, in reality there is a high likelihood that friends will get you into a mess; fortunately, it will end up quite safely.

Interrogation in a dream book of Miller warns you of envious that can slander you. It does not threaten you with serious trouble; however, you will need to explain everything to close people.

If an investigator questioned you, and you categorically refused to answer without a lawyer, it signifies that in reality you prefer a reasonable approach to business; you do not jump to conclusions and do not engage in questionable, as a matter of law, enterprises.

If you bore testimony carefully weighing every phrase, because your life depended on it, this dream is a piece of advice: do not forget that during the business conversations it is extremely important to remember about every detail. Carefully consider all arguments and do not let anyone catch you on trifles in the forthcoming business talks.

If you were present at the questioning as an outside observer, in the near future you are destined to witness the proceedings.