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Interview - Meaning of Dream

A dream is a kind of a hidden message for the fulfillment of desires. If a person in a dream gives an interview, he/she is a very trusting, sincere, kind, and simple-hearted person, and this is a weakness. If a person watches the interviews, he/she should be ready for a very serious life test; perhaps this will be a very important conversation.

Unconsciousness opens the door into the study of a human. If a person observes someone taking an interview, there is a great danger of being exposed. If you are interviewing your idol, you will achieve the cherished goals; if you watched the interview with interest, it is a prognostic of upcoming change.

A dream is unconscious revelation of person’s aspirations, desires, and motives.

For girls a dream about interview warns that they should not open their secrets to unfamiliar people, especially guys. But if to think logically, you can understand what interview means – reveal of the secrets or other information.

It is necessary to look deeper into the subconscious, because all answers are there!

If in a dream you are watching a TV program with the participation of celebrity who is being interviewed, then soon you will be talking about something very important. A dream, in which you take interview, foretells disappointment with new friends. You have to understand what they have selfish motives. Your new friends are willing to have the most benefit from relationship with you.

If you are being interviewed, it describes your open personality. Your gullibility often causes unpleasant events.