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Intimacy - Meaning of Dream

Intimacy is a symbol of passion, and human relations. The union of two people in love is a sign symbolizing the compatibility of male and female. This is the oldest image that characterizes the relationship of people.

However, not always this symbol is related solely to the sphere of love relationships, and passion. The desire to possess another person brings the image to the category of power. Of course, this dream can signify authoritarianism and human rights, but it is not so simple in the interpretation.

Intimacy with a stranger portends the risk facing with some unforeseen circumstances. On the way to the goal a dreamer may encounter people who interfere in business. Strange circumstances will slow the movement towards the result. Only with the help of careful planning, you will be able to improve the situation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid disapproving opinion and reputation will be in danger.

Intimacy with a familiar person, an old friend or acquaintances in reality portends luck. Thanks to the favorable circumstances you will be able to correct old mistakes and blunders.

If your intimate partner in a dream is your real spouse, this is a very good dream, foretelling long-awaited changes, happiness in the family and good luck.

If you observe someone’s intimate relations, in reality you will have a surprise and pleasant changes in personal life. But it is better to be unnoticed.

If your peeping was noticed, troubles in life will appear one after another. You will need additional help to improve the situation.

If you went to a strip club and watched the performance, this dream tells that in reality you don’t have time to rest and have fun. If you are an owner of a strip club, the dream heralds big troubles related to finances.

If you dance in a strip club, you will encounter craftiness, which is hidden behind a mask of beauty and smooth words. For married women, this dream is an omen of divorce.

If in a dream pole dancers importune you in a club, it tells that you lack of tenderness and attention, which is the result of your shyness and diffidence.