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Invalid - Meaning of Dream

An invalid is associated with weakness and is a symbol of the disease. This is what people think of those people whose physical abilities are limited due to objective reasons. Nevertheless, these people usually need specific support from the community.

No wonder that you look for its interpretation in a dream book. Not necessarily that this dream is a harbinger of health and well-being deterioration. Most often, this image is the projection to other spheres of life.

If you dream of disabled people, it is certainly a warning. Maybe in real life, you can become a victim of unfair trick of your colleagues or business partners. Duplicity is worth to be afraid of.

For girls, this dream promises treacherous suitors who take advantage of their naivety. It will be hard to build serious relationship and it is better to beware of such romances.

If you feel sad and sorry for an invalid in your dream, it forebodes that in life you will need to help someone very soon. You shouldn’t deny supporting your friends and even people whom you don’t know, but who requires help.

If you are disabled, the interpretation is not so tragic. You will just have a bad mood because of some insignificant troubles. Most likely, this will be related to work, due to the uncoordinated actions and delays your reputation may suffer.

People of older age shouldn’t be worried about such a dream. It foretells a comfortable decline of life and peaceful mood in upcoming future. All problems will be resolved quickly without much effort.

A disabled person in a dream could mean that partners will try interfering with your affairs. A dream, in which you were disabled, is a warning of the unwanted incidents. An invalid without ears portends unfounded gossip and rumors, which you should not pay attention to. If you were such an invalid, you will experience bad times in the family, the cause of which is mutual suspicion, misunderstanding and jealousy.

If you dreamed of a man in a wheelchair, this dream portends approaching disaster and period of famine; moreover you are destined to assist the needy. A dream about a disabled beggar warns you that the new companions are inconsiderate dealers, whom you can’t rely on in important financial matters.

If you dreamed of a disabled person with a disfigured face, in reality you will be disappointed with a close person. Legless invalid with crutches promises major problems that will not be solved on your own. If you marry a disabled person, it foretells woes at work.

Blind disabled person bodes disappointments with a friend, whose selfishness and duplicity you won’t be able to notice in time. If you see yourself as such an invalid, it tells that all your worst assumptions will be proven. If you became a disabled due to an accident, it is a warning that you must be careful, as this dream can become a reality.