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Iron - Meaning of Dream

Iron is a symbol of reconciliation and friendship. If a man dreams of an iron, it means that he will shortly be able to establish a relationship with his longtime friend, with whom he had not spoken for a long time because of a quarrel.

If you iron your clothes in a dream, it may indicate that you have a boring and monotonous life, and you lacks of fun and positive emotions. In this case, you will need to get away from everything and devote at least one day to yourself.

If a young girl dreams of an iron, while doing her clothes, it means that she instinctively seeks for solution of the problems, or reconciliation with her partner. If she irons clothes with a broken iron, it means that planned deal will fail.

If you purchase an iron in a dream, in real life it represents the establishment of relations with people in your surrounding. If you present an iron to your friend, it means that your financial position will get better very soon, and you will receive the freedom to work.

If an iron is switched on, and it starts ironing something by itself, it means that you are not satisfied with your sexual life. On this basis, you might have not only personal problems, but also troubles at work. You should seriously think about changing your sexual partner.

If in a dream you remember about turned on iron and try to correct the situation, this dream symbolizes dissatisfaction in life, hatred of someone or envy.

If you drop an iron on the floor, it is a symbol of a strong anger or frustration. If you succumb to these feelings, it is possible to lose mutual understanding with your loved one. And after your argues, you might realize that none wants reconciliation.

If you burn yourself with an iron in a dream, it means that in the past you have committed a dishonorable act with respect to your friend. You should apologize; otherwise in the future this person will try to do the same to you.

If you iron crisp white linen in a dream, it means that in reality you will experience positive changes both at work and in personal life. Such dream for a young girl is a sign of a meeting with a nice guy, who will later offer her a marriage.

If a woman in a dream is ironing her wedding dress, it means that she will have happiness in family life. If she burns it wit iron, it means that she will break up with her fiancé.

If you forget the iron on something, but discover that it's all right, it is a sign of unexpected proposal.

If a man sees how his wife burned her favorite blouse, it is a sign of quarrel with her. It is better not to find fault with her, but praise her dedication and love.