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Jack (Playing card) - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a Jack in cards, it traditionally predicts a promising acquaintance with a worthy representative of the opposite sex. Such a relationship may result in a legal marriage. But it is important to remember that the interpretation of dreams about Jack can seriously change depending on suit of a card.

Thus, Jack of spades predicts failures and problems associated with the planned business. Also be ready for disputes and conflicts with your business partners or colleagues. For ladies jack of spades predicts a grim prospect of becoming a widow, but with a very large property.

Jack of hearts foretells pleasant meeting with a lover or beloved. Cards of heart suits foretell that you will highly appreciate the dedication and goodwill of the people around you.

Jack of clubs promises luck in gambling. But diamond Jack warns: unfortunately, you will not stop your detractors from realizing their evil plans against you.

According to dream book by Miller if you have fun while playing cards, then your hopes, which gave you the strength to go on living, will be finally realized. If you suffered from a chronic disease for a long time, after this dream you will feel much better.

But if you played for money, you should be ready for serious difficulties and problems. If you lost in the game, prepare for an open confrontation with the enemy; if you won – you will be justified before the law.

If you are a woman, and saw in a dream as if your beloved person is recklessly playing cards - most likely, he hatches evil plans against you.

If you were playing cards and always won - in reality you visit somebody. Alas, instead of having a good time, you will get very upset when confronting with rudeness and insolence of owners. An alternative interpretation of the dream: thanks to sheer luck you will gain a true friend who will help you through the difficult life span.

If you see Jack in the dream but you don’t remember the suit, it indicates an acquaintance, which may lead to a marriage.