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Jackdaw - Meaning of Dream

Basically, people dream about actions that happen to them during the day, or else the objects of their thoughts; but it happens sometimes that dreams are really surprising, and a dreamer wants to know the interpretation immediately.

As a rule, the jackdaw in a dream is a symbol of impermanence, envy and vanity. A dreamer, in fact, is unsure of own abilities, but in public he/she tries to behave quite differently in order to create an impression of a successful person.

A jackdaw in a dream brings not very good news, but, nevertheless, undesirable situation can be easily avoided. For example, a jackdaw that runs across the road portends upcoming appearance of enemies or detractors, who are ready to destroy your reputation; therefore, to avoid this you need to choose your circle of contacts carefully.

Usually, a jackdaw is a herald of strife and disease, but it depends on circumstances. If you see a flock of jackdaws in front of your house, most likely you will have fun and experience joy. If you dream of a jackdaw with pigeon feathers, it signifies that you should look for envious people, who spread gossips about you to get benefit.

But in other dream book you may find quite different interpretation, namely that a jackdaw forebodes the imminent offsprings procreating. The parent who saw this bird will care of children.

If you observe a flock of jackdaws flying over your head, be ready for rain.

If you dream of a small jackdaw nestling, it is a sign that in real life, you should pay more attention to how your kids spend their free time.

If you destroy a nest of a jackdaw, finally, you will be able to win over your secret enemies and dissolve gossips about you.

If you dream of a jackdaw on Saturday, you will be able to successfully solve troubles without difficulties. If a dream is seen from Sunday to Monday, it presages that in the near future, you will do harm to somebody without willing it, but you will be able to right a wrong and everything will work out well.

If you kill a jackdaw – be braver, your problems will be solved, if you don’t delay. If a jackdaw is injured, this dream indicates that you are very close to the resolution of your fears and self-doubts.