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Jacket - Meaning of Dream

If you have been wearing a jacket in your dream, it characterizes you as an adherent of strict rules. You like when everything is properly arranged and planned. Unforeseen situations, in which you have to improvise, drive you crazy. You are also a maximalist. You prefer to do everything to a high standard or not do it at all. You don’t care at what costs you will succeed; the result is the only thing you are concentrated on. Also, you are a conservative to the core. You react to innovations with hostility because you are afraid that they can ruin the order you have established and got used to. You’d better take into consideration that such novelties can be rather useful because as the world, mankind and technical progress move forward day by day, many new products and technologies, which are assigned to make our existence easier and more effective, are produced. It is unbearable for you to realize it, but we cannot live the whole our life according to a schedule. Rather often, the fortune amends it.

To knit a jacket in a dream bodes parting with a person who is dear to you. Probably, you will have to leave your beloved due to the circumstances known only to you two. Forewarned is forearmed. If you are sure that it will be a horrible mistake, try to correct everything. Think a state of your relationships thoroughly over. If you find out that it is your fault which can lead to a break-up, the very first thing you must do is to smooth everything over. Then, there is a chance that the things will sort themselves out. What you need is only a desire to be with this person. If you consider your relations not worthy of fighting for and rescuing, then leave their development to the tender mercies of fate.