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Jaguar - Meaning of Dream

Jaguar is a symbol of waywardness, force and cruelty. Jaguar is a beautiful and powerful animal. Due to its legendary speed it is one of the top predators. Proud and dangerous animal causes fear and admiration at the same time.

To find out what jaguar means, you need to analyze what he was doing. If the animal is trying to get closer to you, look at your surroundings. Most likely, a dangerous enemy is trying to get closer to you. This person will wait the time, when he/she can affect you the most, and you will absolutely not be ready for this. But thanks to this dream, the enemy will not be able to catch you by surprise.

Jaguar, which attacks you, warns of betrayal. Some of your close friends or acquaintances will decide to do this to you.

If a lady sees a jaguar, which wants to attack her, it means that she should be ready that her lover will be strong and willful, and perhaps even aggressive. His desire to dominate can be expressed in cruelty.

Perhaps you should more seriously and critically approach and treat your business partners. Then you will not become a victim of someone else's violent temper. Even if you are attracted by strength and desire of a man to the leader in relations, you still need to think first about your own safety.

If you dream that you kill or hurt a jaguar, it means that you will find yourself in a risky and dangerous situation, but you will be able to find a way out with remarkable ease.

A good sign if the jaguar sits in the cage in your dream. This is a sign that misfortune will pass you by. Moreover, this dream also points to the victory which you will be able to get over enemies. This dream predicts overcoming of all difficulties and victory over competitors, who used dirtiest methods against you.

Jaguar in the dream book by Miller. The presence of such an animal in a dream, like the jaguar, is seen as a prediction of good entertainment that awaits you in the near future. A dream in which jaguar comes closer and closer to you, portends evil machinations from your envy. They unjustly grudge you and wait an opportunity for mischief. Jaguar attack is interpreted as a betrayal of a man who appeared in your neighborhood recently. If a woman dreams that a jaguar attacks her, it means that she will have a love connection with a violent man. These relationships will not cause any harm if a woman in a dream could protect herself from predatory animal.

Jaguar, which runs away from you, is a sign that you are wasting time.

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