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Jam - Meaning of Dream


Jam, is a delicacy that we all love from early childhood. Pancakes with jam and tea give us a truly heavenly delight. Therefore the dreams in which you see jam are also positive and favorable.

In general, if you dream of jam, it is a very good sign that your wishes will come true, and you will be able to realize all plans. But in order to specifically know what jam means, you should pay attention to all the details of the dream.

So, if you saw jam in the dream, be ready for successful love affairs and all sorts of fun.

A dream in which you see how you eat jam, promises that the fulfillment of your desires will surpass all the expectations.

In the dream you cook jam, it is a sign that you will be successful in all spheres and businesses, as well as be able to gain recognition and respect from people around you. If, while cooking, you taste it, it means that your friends and family will be happy for you.

Anyone who dreamed of jam tends to get maximum pleasure from life.

If you dream about a lot of berries and imagine how much jam you can cook out of it, this dream promises prosperity.

If the dream about jam is seen by a young girl, soon she will meet her lover.

If you get dirty by jam in a dream, it means that you will live in love and prosperity in reality.

A dream, in which you cook the jam, means that you spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

In the dream you eat jam, it means that you enjoy all the benefits of life; also it is a sign of a meeting with new, interesting people.

But if you treat someone with jam, it's a sign that someone is trying to deceive you. But most likely, this attempt will be unsuccessful.

If you dream that you cook jam from very large berries, it means that you will encounter troubles in life. If you cook/boil a bramble jam in your dream, it means that you will be able to fix all the mistakes.

If you feed the baby with jam, it means that you will be the reason of happiness of people around you.

If you break a jar of jam in the dream, it means that you will enjoy upcoming events and achievements in real life.

What if you tried the berries or jam and you didn’t like the taste? It means that you might possibly doubt and be disappointed with a significant person. Not a very good sign if you see poisonous berries out of which you cook jam, it means that you may get sick in real life.

If you cook jam out of presented berries, it means that you will receive a gift, or make a good purchase.

No matter what dream you see, it is important to remember that everything depends on you in real life.

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