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Jeans - Meaning of Dream


If you show off with your new jeans, it is a harbinger of a quarrel that would arise out of the blue, and if you do not want to lose a friend, you should not make fun of his/her shortcomings, otherwise you will learn about yours.

If you wear denim, it means that you will work in a garden. If it was torn, you have to argue with a neighbor over the division of the territory, it is better not to speak on the high tones, as the case may end up with fight.

To dream of torn jeans, it means that in real life you will have to explain something to your husband; but if the holes are sewn with patches, the woman will be able to come out unscathed.

If a girl does not want to get rid of a worn out thing, it means that she opposes the change that knock on her life. You need to open the door and let them in, because they will not cause anything bad.

Jeans can often be seen in a dream, but this symbol could foretell not only good, but also bad, you just try to remember the whole dream, only in this case you will be able to correctly decode it.

This article of clothing may portend major financial losses, so you should be cautious while making decisions about large purchases, otherwise the deception can’t be avoided.

If you acquire branded jeans in an expensive boutique, it means that you will make the same purchase in real life.

If a girl tries jeans on, but they creak at the seams, it means that soon she will meet a nice guy and will fall in love and have the most romantic feelings, but he will not respond to her love. Therefore, she should turn her attention to someone else, because there is no future with this man.

To dream of red jeans, it is a sign that you will have to make excuses for the compliments of her husband in front of your neighbor. Only in such a way you will be able to avoid unnecessary suspicion and jealousy.

If a young woman sees herself in the mirror in jeans, then this dream foretell that she will meet a good partner, who will admire her a lot, so she should not refuse to meet with her new acquaintance. Also this dream suggests that the dreamer likes her looks, and she admires her appearance.

There are a lot of different downers. For example, Loff dream book, foretells new friends, Miller, loneliness, and Carl Jung, failure in love affairs. If you believe to the Ukrainian downers, the bachelor, who saw jeans in a dream, will not be able to build a family for a long time. He should blame his bad temper, which any of his partners didn’t bear.

When the girl pulls jeans over her legs with big effort, in reality she would have to confess to the crime, otherwise she will lose the trust of her parents.

If you buy cheap jeans on a market, it is a harbinger of financial hardship that would be difficult to prevent.

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