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Jelly - Meaning of Dream

If you happen to see jelly in your dream, it indicates that in real life you are mostly shy, timid and very sensitive person. You are bossed and pushed around by everyone: superiors, colleagues, friends, and even your wife (husband). After such a dream you should reconsider your attitude towards life, be active and courageous, and exercise reasonable initiative; otherwise everyone will be bored with your spinelessness.

If you ate jelly with big pleasure, it is a warning for you: because of your pessimism and softness you will get into a serious trouble. For women and girls this dream foretells that all their hopes and dreams are unlikely to come true.

If you neatly filled jelly in special forms, Miller interpreted it as the need to plunge into the solution of various problems. Keep in mind: in order to thoroughly understand them you have to spend a lot of time.

If you enjoyed the flavor of the jelly, it bodes that you will have fun and enjoyment, which, alas, won’t give you much joy, and will finish very fast. For women, such a dream prophesies unfulfilled hopes and disappointments. If you cooked jelly knowing how to do it right, apparently you do complicate your life. You start unnecessary communication and dating mindlessly, and surround yourself with empty and frivolous people who use you. Try to by more thoughtful when choosing friends, or else you’ll be in a trouble.

Unset jelly promises that problem, which tormented you for a long time, will be successfully solved without your intervention.

According to Freud's dream book, jelly shows your extraordinary softness. You meekly let people control you. Moreover, you are passive in bed and always blindly obey the wishes of your partner. Think about it, because the lack of activity in sexual life has a negative impact on your relationship. Your partner may get tired and bored because of your weakness and he/she will find a more sensual lover.