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Jewelry - Meaning of Dream

Basically, jewelry predicts excellent prospects in all affairs. It promises a rich life, where you can afford anything you want. If you wear jewelry in a dream, it portends a rapid career growth. This event will change the opinion of people about you and will exalt you in the eyes of others.

If you saw the jewels on somebody else, it foretells that you or someone from your close environment will become a famous person.

If you dream of clothing decorated with jewelry, it forebodes that you will unexpectedly become rich. This can be a significant increase in the shares on the stock exchange, a huge inheritance or something similar. This event will not only bring prosperity into your home, but will also provide a high social position.

If you dream you have inherited jewels, it signifies that you are not satisfied with the growth of your funds in reality. If you presented jewelry to someone in a dream, it is a bad omen. It does not matter whom you presented it, in any case this prediction is a serious threat.

For a woman, to receive jewelry as a gift, is a prediction of pleasant events, including a possible marriage with the man of her dreams. If she loses jewelry, it tells that she is threatened of becoming a victim of a coldblooded fraud.

If you buy or find jewelry it is a favorable dream. This is a prediction of successful and income-generating activities, as well as wonderful romantic relationship.

Vanga said that if you happen to find jewelry in a dream, you will be unexpectedly lucky. This can radically change your life and you will forget about the old sorrows.

If you lost jewels, it is an unfavorable sign warning that you should not count on the success in business that you are running at the moment. Do not expect that it can bring at least something. On the contrary, you should be careful not to get broke because of it.

If you saw lots of jewelry on yourself, it indicates that one of the qualities of your character is envy. In addition, you are not a hardworking person, but want to have a luxurious life.

If you are interested in the jewelry that belonged to your ancestors, it tells about your assumptions that your family has noble origins.

A dream, in which you buy jewelry, predicts that you will finally get something which you have dreamed about for a long time. But if you bought fake jewels, it portends that purchases in real life will only disappoint you.

Jewels in the dream book by Freud symbolize the external qualities of a person who is not just a sexual partner, but a person to whom a dreamer has strong affection.