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Juggle - Meaning of Dream

If you happen to juggle in a dream, it portends bright significant events that will happen in your life.

If you become a juggler in a dream, you subconsciously want to try something hitherto unexplored and to change your present status.

In the interpretation of a dream, the great importance is paid to the object which you juggle with. In general, it predicts unexpected success and risky luck.

If you dream of a professional juggler, you will experience an unforeseeable happiness; and will be involved in an exciting entertainment.

In all respects, this is an auspicious dream that predicts the most positive developments. In the near future you will become a participant of a spectacular event.

You are a person, who didn’t lose the freshness of feelings and abilities; and as in a childhood you are pleased with any details. This bright and positive story reflects your desire for novelty, the bright feelings and emotions. However, the accurate interpretation depends largely on the object, and it is important to check its meaning in the dream book as well.

If you juggle with people from your surrounding because they were so small, this dream indicates your excessively high opinion about yourself. Most likely in reality you tend to behave in an authoritarian, imperious and despotic way. The people around you perceive as a malleable material that can be easily manipulated.