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Kaleidoscope - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of kaleidoscope, this is an extremely good sign saying that you are full of energy and strength. Congratulations, in the very near future, you will certainly achieve public recognition and success.

If you saw a child playing with kaleidoscope toy, it tells that despite your adult age, you still remain a small child, who are easy to surprise and who truly enjoys life.

But if you played with kaleidoscope, chances are that you are emotionally exhausted and need rest.

If you looked in kaleidoscope, this dream foretells unexpected but very good news from distant relatives. Bright, literally dazzling kaleidoscope predicts that fate has prepared you a special gift, just reach out and take it. Sometimes this dream can prophesy useful contacts or a trip to unusual places. If you accidentally broke a toy kaleidoscope - alas, but all your ideas and plans will suddenly collapse. Do not get upset, gather yourself up and start all over again, next time you will be definitely lucky.

Kaleidoscope in Miller’s dream book symbolizes the changes in the destiny. Just keep in mind: each new piece in kaleidoscope is unique, the same as each day spent by you.

If you looked in kaleidoscope, you will have a lot of events ahead that slowly but surely will change your life for the better. Just remember one thing: there is always a danger to lose the sense of proportion, so be careful not to get carried away, otherwise you will face depression and chronic fatigue.

Broken kaleidoscope promises frustration and disappointment. If you presented a kaleidoscope to a child, relative or a close friend, this indicates your desire to make this person’s life more beautiful and interesting. You want him/her to experience the happiness, which apparently you did not get.