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Kangaroo - Meaning of Dream

After dreaming about a kangaroo you may find a brilliant way out of a difficult situation; and that will happen despite the treachery of your enemies. Due to your astuteness you can safely have a laugh on your enemies.

If in a dream you were attacked by a kangaroo, then someone can seriously impair your reputation. If you happen to kill kangaroos in your dream, in reality, despite the trick of your opponents and other troubles, you will still succeed in your career. A skin of this animal symbolizes the right path to success and prosperity, which you have chosen recently.

In Miller’s dream book a kangaroo warns you of the evil plans of your enemies. They intend to use slander to spoil your reputation in the eyes of the people who are important in your career; but their efforts will be in vain. If you dreamed of the skin of this exotic animal, it tells that you are moving in the right direction, and there is nothing to make you go astray from the path.

In Vanga’s interpretation, if you run to catch a kangaroo - in real life, you spare no effort or time trying to achieve the impossible; therefore you waste your energy for nothing. If you are engaged in breeding a kangaroo, in reality you have the desire to participate in the romantic adventures. In addition, you notice that you often commit inexplicable actions.

If you dreamed of a kangaroo with a small cub in its bag, this dream tells that you schedule the pastime for your children regardless of their opinion.

When trying a specific dish - kangaroo tails, in real life you need to be more continent and will have to save money severely. Kangaroos in captivity (caged) indicate that you are too detached from reality and dream of the impossible. Consequently, you do not have to rely on the implementation of your fantastic desires.