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Kayak - Meaning of Dream


If you see yourself in a kayak with someone, it means that for some you will be connected with this person by mutual interests. There is also another interpretation of this symbol, a separation with the person who invites you to ride a kayak. Also, very important is the state of water in which you sail in kayak.

Since there is no unambiguous interpretation of this dream, in order to find the right clue to such symbols, you should pay attention to all the details, it will help to find the most accurate interpretation.

If you sail in the kayak with someone close, it means that you have a full match of vital interests with this person. No wonder, in real life, you can find the expression: to be in the same boat with someone.

If the kayak is moving in a dream against the rapid stream, in real life you will have to resist the adverse circumstances. Conversely, to float with the flow of the river in kayak, means life situation will push you to achieving of own goals. See yourself in a boat with many other paddlers, means that soon you will be in the company of happy and gay people.

If the kayak is seen by a person in love, it symbolizes the quality of the relationship with his/her partner. If your partner invites you into kayak, the dream means that your couple might no longer exist, in other words you will break up. Since in this case, the dream about kayak is a symbol of separation.

If you are alone in the kayak on a stormy sea, it means that in real life you will fight and solve troubles alone, without relying on outside assistance.

To dream as kayak capsized and you dropped out of it in the dark water, it is a harbinger of financial disaster. The details of your dream will help you to understand the consequences of this disaster. If you were able to quickly escape, in reality the situation will it ends favorably. In case, you haven’t gotten any help and were ready to die, it means that you will not be able to restore the former financial situation.

If the kayak sails through the dirty water, it means that soon disappointment about business endeavors will overtake you.

If the water is rough around the kayak and the atmosphere of the dream is disquieting, it is a harbinger of great anxiety about your financial status or health.

If you dream of a kayak moored to the shore, it means that soon some important deals will be successfully completed.

If the dreamer sails away from the coast in a kayak, it means that he/she will experience sadness.

If a person has an unusual dream in which he/she flies through the air on the boat, it portends him/her fame and notoriety.

If you sit in the kayak with a stranger, it means that in real life you hope for support from other people in some important affairs.

If you sail in the kayak which is leaking, and finally you run aground, it means that you will experience business stagnation.

If a kayak moves through shallow and fast flowing river, it is a sign that in real life the dreamer makes rash and frivolous action, about which he/she will regret.

If you build a kayak by yourself and set it afloat, it means that all your plans will be fulfilled.

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