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Kefir - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a regular workaday when you buy yogurt or kefir in the store - it's an auspicious sign, predicting kudos, respect and wealth; moreover all these gifts of fate will pile on your happy head unexpectedly. Perhaps it will be a substantial cash prize or a large inheritance.

A dream as if you drank this useful dairy drink in one gulp tells that you have to be ready for minor losses and turbulence. Do not worry about it - all the troubles will pass quickly.

But if you dream of accidentally broken bottle of kefir, you may face quite serious losses. It is possible that you will lose a large sum of money or favors of influential person. Sour yogurt predicts battle with a very formidable, cunning and dangerous opponent. Collect all his courage, consider the tactics of protection, and then your chances of winning will increase several times.

If you dream of kefir poured into a glass, in reality will have a good health; if you accidentally dropped a glass - unfortunately you will wait a very long time till recovery.

If you drank kefir in broad daylight, it bodes that you will meet a person whom you have not seen for many years. His/her return in your life will bring a lot of problems and troubles; and you won’t get rid of them in a short time.

A dream of accidentally spilled kefir on a stranger is not very good; unfortunately, you won’t make a good impression on the potential investors, as a result your financial situation will worsen.

Sweet yogurt promises surprise; salty kefir portends remorse for committed minor mischief. If you drank rancid kefir in a dream, it tells that in reality you will become a victim of intrigue. Look closer to the behavior of your friends; maybe one of them hawks dirty gossip about you. When you discover the culprit, you need to threaten him with brutal violence and ask to stop these intrigues; otherwise you face serious problems with the management or even dismissal.

Kefir in Miller’s interpretation states that soon you will find a common language with people who caused your discomfort in the past. If you enjoyed the taste of fresh drink, you may experience temporary differences with your close people.

If you bought yogurt in a dream, you will find wealth and excellent well-being. Sour yogurt predicts a desperate struggle against the enemies and detractors. Do not be afraid to take risks, use adventurous methods of warfare and victory will be yours. If you spilled kefir, then try to keep your secrets because people in your environment seek to reveal them.