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Kerchief - Meaning of Dream

If you received a kerchief as a gift, it reflects your inability to trust a loved one. If you gave a kerchief to someone, on the contrary, it warns of due diligence.

If a kerchief is lost, torn or soiled, this dream may be associated with loss, anxiety and unhappiness. If you found it, you will receive unexpected profit. If you chose a kerchief, you will face everyday hustle and bustle, as well as household problems requiring speedy solutions.

A kerchief of light colors or white scarf bodes warm feelings and a lot of love. Bright color kerchief - red, yellow, orange is a harbinger of problems with health. Cool colors - green, blue, purple - the difficulties associated with children.

In Sigmund Freud’s theory - except the explicit visions, there are unconscious hidden dreams. The content of the unconscious are repressed desires. Dreams reflect the subconscious desires and everything that can’t be implemented in reality. A kerchief is a scarf or headdress, and according to most dream books, it portends a pleasant acquaintance, unexpected encounters and even potential love affairs.

All dreams represent the replacement of hidden content by symbols. In Gypsy Dream Interpretation, a kerchief is a sign of monetary benefits, profitable business, and expensive gifts.

Ancient China dream book states that the old, patched, faded scarf foretells a pleasant meeting with old friends.

New scarf in a dream may be associated with new acquaintances. If you see like someone puts a scarf on, this is a reflection of someone else's envy, rivalry, competition, and contest.

If you made a kerchief by yourself, this dream tells to listen to advices of your close people. Elegant, luxurious, and rich cloth of a kerchief is a sign of good news.