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Kerosene - Meaning of Dream

Kerosene seen in a dream bodes that in upcoming future you will be introduced to a person with influence and connections, which may happen to be useful and important for you. However, the communication with him/her will not be pleasant, and you will need to choose between your own peace of mind and a meaningful life plan.

A dream in which you felt the smell of kerosene, foretells that soon you will spend time in a company of people to whom you feel a strong sense of antipathy. You should beware of their impact and do not yield to provocations; otherwise you run the risk of inconscient change of your nature for the worse.

A dream as if you pour kerosene on the flames, or set fire with this flammable liquid, is a sign that you may aggravate the unstable situation of your affairs in the business and work, or provoke a serious quarrel with a member of your family by ill-considered statements.

If you used a kerosene lamp in a dream, be ready that soon your relatives will require more attention and care and you have to spend time together, otherwise they will cut you off.

A dream, in which you accidentally poured kerosene on the floor or on the ground, is considered as a bad omen. You will not be able to manage a very important affair, which you hoped for; in addition you may lose your business partners and associates. The reason for this collapse will be the discrepancy of your goals with your real capabilities and situation.

A kerosene stain on your clothes or bed serves as a warning of imminent unhappy event that will cause suffering and loss of self-confidence. Probably you will overtake serious illness or become a victim of an accident. In some cases, this dream promises conflict with the loved one that will lead to the breakdown of relationships.