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Kettlebell (Scale weight, Weight piece) - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a kettlebell/dumbbell in your hands foretells that soon you will face an upcoming trouble and strife at home. For lovers, such a dream is an omen of a fight with a partner, for married people – it is a signal of the deterioration of relations with wife/husband, and the extinction of feelings. This dream might be followed by family quarrels, separation, divorce and hardship.

For a sailor or a person who's going to take a sea voyage, this dream warns about storms, shipwreck. You will incur serious danger during this travel.

If you move a heavy dumbbell in your dream, it bodes that you will encounter insurmountable obstacles.

Using a kettlebell as cargo warns that you will not get the desired result, if you let strangers deal your affairs. It will be a risky adventure, do not trust anybody, and rely only on people you know for a long time.

If you lift a weight piece and exercise, it tells that you will justify the confidence of your management, and will execute complex instructions.

If you practice tirelessly with heavy weights, without rest, it portends you the meeting with your partner and possibility to express own qualities in the best way.

Heavy weight of a kettlebell is a warning that your oponents are trying to harm you; if you lift it – you will feel annoyed; if you carry it on your back – you worry about everything a lot; dancing with weights tied to the legs is a sign of a failed marriage.

If you dream of weight piece in the hands of a seller, in reality you will prove your opinion to those who have questioned your words. If you tie scale weight to something, it will be difficult for you to eliminate the obstacles.