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Key - Meaning of Dream

Keys seen in a dream portend unexpected life changes. If you lost your keys in a dream, it bodes that you will get upset with unforeseen events. But if the keys were found, you will have peace and harmony in the family, and your business will develop.

Broken keys with which you can’t open the door are the harbingers of separation, caused by death or jealousy.

If a young woman sees unlocked door, the dream tells that she will meet with a new fan soon. Sometimes keys in a dream forebode upcoming passionate love of the opposite sex representative, who will seek for your reciprocity by all means, will seduce and besiege you.

In Miller’s interpretation, keys also symbolize unforeseen changes. Basically, all of his dreams interpretations are similar to the modern dream book interpretations which are mentions above. Lost keys - unpleasant events; found keys - success in family affairs and in business; broken keys – break up; unlocked door - a new admirer.

If a woman locks the door, it bodes that soon she will get married. If she receives a key as a present, it states that she can’t think and act sensibly, which greatly harms her reputation.

In Freud’s dream book, a key is a quite synonymous image. If a man holds a key to unlock the door, the dream indicates his desire to have sexual relation with a chosen partner. If a woman locks the door, it signifies that she is afraid of unwanted pregnancy. If a man locks the door, it tells that he is dissatisfied with present relations and intends to break up with his lover.

Inappropriate key that does not open the lock indicates the hostility and hatred between sexual partners. If a man puts a key into his pocket, it tells that he thinks about group sex. But for women, it signifies a desire to have emergency intimacy with a sexual partner. Forgotten key states that you can’t adjust your sexual life. If you drop a key, the dream portends the loss of attraction to your partner and an unwillingness to have sex with him.

If a man throws a key into the water, it tells that he wants to have new sexual relationships. If a woman did that, the interpretation states that she is disappointed with men, and tends to have same-sex relations.