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Keychain - Meaning of Dream

Keychain received as a gift, foretells that you will win a hopeless at first glance deal, and will significantly improve your financial state. There is only one condition: this dream should be seen at night on Sunday.

If you received an expensive and fancy keychain, you successfully solve all the urgent deals and problems.

Buying a keychain in store, signals of your extreme selfishness and frivolous nature in real life. You peddle for nothing, perform stupid and reckless acts, waste money, and demand from your relatives and close one’s to help you out in troubles.

A similar dream on Monday promises a large cash prize.

If you stand in front of a shopwindow and see various trinkets, it means that you will have serious troubles, which will be difficult to cope with.

If you lose a keychain, you should be ready for conflict situations at work and in the family. Such a dream on Wednesday night warns: be careful, your loved one deceives you.

Keychain in a dream book by Miller means that surrounding will pay a lot of attention to you. If you dreamed that you have lost your favorite keychain and were very angry about it, most likely your family is hiding something from you. If you got a keychain as a gift, you will have huge success and well-being.

If you bought a few similar trinkets will win a large sum of money. To examine different trinkets means frustrations and life woes.

If a trinket is bright, soon you will notice interest from people towards your personality.