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Kidnapping - Meaning of Dream

Any dream related to kidnapping is a bad omen, which does not bode anything pleasant to you. You will be lucky if after such a dream you only have a small quarrel at home; because chances are that this dream can bring more substantial hardship.

Kidnapping seen at Friday night, portends problems with people you love. Most likely, the cause for the conflict will be your heavy workload. Alas, but you will not balance your business and personal spheres optimally.

If the criminals kidnapped your child and demand a large ransom, this is a warning: be careful in business - you are threatened with serious trouble. Try to calm down and do not get nervous; only your self-confidence and sense of purpose will help you overcome life's obstacles.

If you were engaged in the kidnapping of a child, most likely in reality you will be offered the dubious affair. You may decide, of course, but just remember: this scam can lead to unpredictable consequences.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you blankly watched the abduction of a child - apparently, you are completely immersed in adult cases and problems, forgetting that once were a pink-cheek kid with a sweet smile. You no longer have fun, sincerely rejoice luck or bitter cry of resentment. Try to change your lifestyle, get a few hours to relax, finally go with your child to a circus or zoo and you will notice that your boring, dull life will sparkle with new colors.

If in a dream you were a child who was kidnapped by criminals, this dream tells that in real life there are people willing to limit your freedom. This may be your boss giving you numerous tasks, a loved one insisting on legally marriage or elderly parents who need care and attention.

If you were directly involved in the kidnapping, it seems that you are tired of worries and want to shift your responsibilities to someone else's shoulders.

If you set a plan for kidnapping, this is a sign that you are dissatisfied with your status or position.