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Killer - Meaning of Dream

The meaning of a particular item may vary and a lot depends on the circumstances in which a dreamer saw it. A killer in a dream may first of all be a warning: someone is plotting against a dreamer, or simply a person “kills” (wastes) time on something useless and empty. After waking up, a dreamer should make some conclusions in this regard. For example, carefully choose an occupation in life, or friends and environment. But if you got scared of a meeting with a killer, it is a good sign foretelling the solutions for many problems.

Do not try to prevent the killer’s actions in a dream; it can only foretell some unpleasant news. If you dream of a killer murdering his victim on TV screen in a movie, it is not a good dream, predicting the emergence of serious problems in reality.

Also it is necessary to recall the circumstances under which the image of a killer appeared in a dream. Killer haunting you in a dream is a favorable sign. It either portends a long life, or foretells some circumstances, the overcoming of which will require the mobilization of your strength, which will lead to your victory. It is also an indication that you need to monitor own words or actions more carefully, so as not to put yourself in an awkward situation that may affect the relationships with loved ones.

During a night of rest the brain processes the impressions per day, and may even find a solution that did not seem obvious in the bustle of a day. The prompt will appear as some kind of image in a dream. Some dreams are even prophetic, although you dream of something "exotic".

Do not try to collude with a hired assassin; this metaphor has only one meaning: do not get involved in adventures or questionable enterprise. In short, the general interpretation for all dreams about a killer is a warning against hasty decisions or conclusions.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you hire a killer for someone, is also logical - the uncertainty in own abilities. This is a direct indication that you need to watch yourself, and change something in your character, and not to resort the help of other people, blindly trusting them when dealing serious problems. After all you may become a “killer” for something in your life that hinders your development.

In general, no matter what dream you see, you should always remember that life and destiny of a person in his own hands. Therefore a person should create own life and do not blindly rely only on tips from the outside. They can teach something, but the conclusions should be drawn independently.