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Kitchen - Meaning of Dream

A kitchen is interpreted by mostly all dream books as a herald of groundless sadness; even if something bad happens, you always tend to exaggerate the possible outcome. However, there are many details of such a dream, and you need to find the interpretation which fits you the most.

If your kitchen is clean and comfy, you will have prosperity in everything. Dirty kitchen portends offence or loss; however it may also mean the visit of friends from abroad.

If you were surprised with the size of the kitchen, this dream promises great achievements that will make you popular; in addition it indicates your vulnerability in the current situation.

If you found yourself in someone else’s kitchen, it bodes that you will face a difficult situation that may lead to unpredicted consequences and nervous tension.

Cleaning the kitchen very scrupulously portends profit, peace and understanding in family.

Renewal or rebuild of the kitchen heralds that the fate of a dreamer will be very favorable.

New kitchen indicates the possibility to get under influence of stress and suffer spirit break.

A kitchen with all its belongings portends the happiness in the family. If you cook something in the kitchen, it forebodes women’s talks and slander. If you see the kitchen in fire, this is an omen of somebody’s death.

If you dream of your neighbor’s kitchen, this indicates that somebody dishes the dirt on you.

A huge kitchen, with numerous boilers and other devices, symbolizes the cruel world. If you feel the smell from the kitchen, this indicates your overeating; kitchen reek portends troubles.

For a girl, a bright and clean kitchen promises happiness in love.

If you cook anything in the kitchen, it is a sign to start implementing own intentions in life.

If you see a stranger in your kitchen, it tells that your plans may be interrupted by people you don’t know. If the cooker is too hot, it bodes that you will have emotional stress and the affair may end up in a quarrel.

If you burnt, cut or scalded yourself in the kitchen, it is a warning of possible negative consequences of your recent ideas.