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Knees - Meaning of Dream

If your knees are scratched till they bleed, the dream bodes that in reality, you will be betrayed, as a result many problems including financial will rest on your shoulders. If a man sees a woman on his lap, he will be pleased with good events in life. But if a woman dreamed of a man sitting on her lap, in reality she will meet a charming fan who will seek her love, but she should not believe his confession because he is an ordinary gigolo. Also, such a dream could forebode bad times, when she will be left alone with her problems.

Dirty knees are harbingers of public humiliation. If you hurt your knees in a dream, you may expect interference in the professional activities.

Knee is a symbol that could portend bad and good events, so it is better to interpret the whole dream.

If you dream of a cat peacefully sleeping on your lap – you will experience temptation and failure; and if you see a snake on your lap, you will face humiliation on the part of the enemy, so you should take precautions in order to ruin villainous plans.

Swollen knees portend serious obstacles in the implementation of the dreams; standing on the knees portends humiliation.

If a lady sees herself sitting on the lap of a man, the dream tells that she depends on him and there's nothing can be done about it.

If a woman sees her smooth and beautiful knees, the dream states that she has many fans, but for some reason no one proposes her.

If you feel the pain in your knee, this is a harbinger of betrayal that you will suffer from a friend, so you should be cautious and not to trust even close people.

If you stand straight without bending your knees, it indicates your strong living position. If your knees lost strength and you kneeled down, this indicates chronic fatigue, unexpected loss of energy and a painful state. In addition, you will suffer the access of unmotivated anxiety and depression.

Standing in front of someone on your knees foretells defeated spirit of struggle, and submission to another's will.

If you salve your swollen knees with gel, the dream portends the humiliation and loss of good name. For a woman, it is a sign of social censure of her thoughtless behavior. If you see a wild animal on your lap, the dream warns that you may be drawn into trouble, which will be hard to solve with dignity.

In Vanga’s dream book, if a child sits on your lap, it portends great troubles and expenses, which eventually will please you. If you fall on your knees, you will fail in undertakings. This dream may be the beginning of a spate of misfortunes and losses. If you wash your knees in a dream, you will reveal an evil plan against you. If someone forced you to stand on your knees in a dream, it tells that you will be strongly frightened.

According to Freud, if someone touches your knees, it bodes that you will notice the tendency to get easily seduced.