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Knitting - Meaning of Dream

For a woman, a dream in which she knits something promises peaceful and quiet family life, where loving households and obedient children delight and amaze her.

For a girl, such a dream might portend hasty marriage. If she sees that she runs a knitting machine, it foretells that she will have a decent and faithful lover.

If you work in the knitting shop, in reality you can achieve prosperity only through hard work.

For a man, to be inside of the knitting shop is harbinger of prosperity and stepping on a solid path to success.

If you work with knitting machine and it breaks, this dream forebodes failures in love and business.

To knit stockings in a dream means to receive unexpected money; to knit scarf means to gain prosperity.

To knit something with very complicated pattern is a sign that you did not choose the shortest way; everything can be done much easier and faster.

If you see somebody knitting, it foreshadows that you will have a boring and uninteresting work.

If you make nodes with a hook, in reality you risk making a mistake.

If you knit with the needles, all your dreams and hope will come true after you wake up.

If you dream that you knit a sweater with a very complex pattern, often make mistakes and unbind loops, in reality you have a very difficult situation with health, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Dreaming of beautiful knits and admiring it indicates that relationship with a partner is beautiful.