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Labyrinth - Meaning of Dream

Labyrinth is a symbol of the fast solutions of problems or disclosure of secrets. If you see a maze, this is a good and life-affirming dream, after which you will have new strength to stand against the problems.

If you dream of a labyrinth in which you look for the way out, this means that you have a situation in life that requires your decision, and it should be made as fast as possible. You need to remember the dream in details, because your subconscious mind can tell you, how to solve the problem.

For a young girl, a labyrinth in a dream portends getting married soon, and long family happiness. For a young man, a maze is a sign of self-assertion; it tells that the life of a dreamer will change for the better soon. For the elderly a labyrinth portends the solution to all problems and mysteries that have accumulated over a lifetime.

If you dreamed of a maze after long litigation and proceedings, or quarrels with your family, it bodes only positive outcome in court and of course fast reconciliation with your family.

If you dream of the end of a labyrinth, this forebodes not only the positive results of the business started, but also promises the discovery of a new and unknown path that will lead to success in business.

A stone labyrinth tells that your problem is serious, but still easily solvable.

If a maze appears and disappears in front of you, it tells that your secrets or problems constantly interfere with somebody and they try to reveal the mystery. You should be vigilant in respect of your secrets.

If you see as if children come into the labyrinth, it forebodes new ideas and a miracle that will appear unexpectedly. An animal in the maze indicates that your enemies are trying to achieve their goals first.

Labyrinth in many interpretations is a good sign portending the reveal of many things that will help you in the future.