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Lady - Meaning of Dream

Lady is an auspicious symbol. If a lady is beautiful and healthy in your dream, it means that everything in your future will be fine. This dream promises family joy and pleasant news.

If a girl is sick and looks ugly - be careful, difficulties and troubles await you ahead.

For a man, this dream carries a bad interpretation. He should reconsider own actions, work and have more rest, as very soon he may encounter mental health problems.

Young ladies, seen in a dream, hinting that soon you will find a pleasant acquaintance, which is most likely will develop into a long and strong relationship.

If a young man dreams of a lady, he should reconsider his life. Maybe he lacks a bit of determination and confidence.If there is an opportunity to prove own abilities, he should not waste time on trifles and certainly needs to try to achieve something meaningful and important, and demonstrate own character.

If a lady in a dream is combing her hair, it is a sure sign that someone from your family will create a new family. These events will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

To see a lady who is sledging is a bad sign that foretells separation from a partner.

If a lady lays out the napkins on the table, it is also a sign of danger; it means that in a short time, you can become the object of gossip and debate.

Lady in a dream, where her hair grows quickly is a quite multi-valued sign. On the one hand, it indicates that your dreams and desires are not feasible.On the other hand, the dream alludes to the fact that you can soon earn small amount of money without any effort. Besides, the girl with rapidly growing hair may mean that soon in your life will appear a foolish man that can prevent you from thinking and making rational decision, and will throw a monkey wrench into your affairs. It is worth of protecting yourself from bad communication and unpleasant meetings.