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Lamb - Meaning of Dream

To see a lamb in your dream means to be happy to receive unexpected news, which will influence your life dramatically, and will change your life completely. It might be news about new job position or news about moving out to a new place of living. The changes in life will not upset you, as it is necessary for you, even if you think opposite.

Lamb in a dream represents calmness and silence. If you have a calm character in life and it satisfies you, you will be happy, but if you want to be more socialized, this dream is a hint for you - now is the time. If you see him sleeping this also indicates calmness.

If you see him eating grass this indicates your sudden fear. You will not know what will be the reason, until you realize and feel the fear, but don’t worry, it will not last for long.

If you buy a lamb – you will get relief in sorrow.

To sell a lamb means to be involved in new chores. To carry it on your head means unexpected news.

To kill a lamb means that you will be worried and turn upset. To see a lamb bleating is a prognostic of fear and dismay.

If you eat fried lamb you will betray somebody who needs you. Perhaps you are tired of present situation and you will need to experience something new. This interpretation doesn’t necessarily relate to intimate betrayal. It is possible that you will betray your company and leave at the time, when they least expect it.