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Lampshade - Meaning of Dream

Lampshade is one of the household items. Its meaning in person’s subconsciousness can be viewed from several points of view. Here we will try to fully interpret it.

If in your dream you see a lamp with a lampshade which emits light, it that means that you will be influenced by high power. But extremely bright light means that some critical problems will appear in your life.

In case you don’t see any light from lampshade, it warns you about complicated times in your life.

In the same time, if you rest under a lampshade in a dream, it promises you the improvement in your private life in nearest future, or even marriage.

Lampshade in a dream of mature lady – indicates her soulful discomfort. For men, such a dream is the prognostic of promotion. But if a man breaks a lampshade, it means that he will gain success with obstinate lady.

For a young lady, if she is creating a lampshade in her dream by herself, it means that most likely she will be a very good housewife and creator of family comfort.

For young men, seeing a lampshade in a dream is the prognostic of a romantic date.

If you receive it as a present, this is a good sign. You will be in the spotlight of the opposite sex.

If a lampshade is made of paper, this dream should prepare a dreamer for serious life test.

The purchase of this item warns about future changes.

If in your dream you saw the lampshade of a strange or unusual shape, it means that you might be deceived. If it is qualitatively made – that is a sign of pleasant event, which is, however, can unbalance the dreamer, and he/she risks losing control over the feelings.

In case you saw a lampshade made of fragile material, which has cracks or defects, it means that you will be jealous for somebody’s success. Also it can indicate the fear before some unpleasant news.

Eastern Dream Interpreter

You feel comfortable seating under the lampshade – your personal and private life will change, not to forget to mention you might get married soon.

Child Dream Interpreter

Lampshade means that you will have to hide your happiness from surrounding.

Intimate Dream Interpreter

If you had a dream as if you put a lampshade over a lamp, it means that your intimate life is quite constraint, grasped and you are suffering from false shame. Somehow you are ashamed to show your sincerity, sexual attraction to your partner, and he/she, at the same time, considers it as an indication of you being indifferent. Because of this you might have some tiffs due to unsatisfied wishes of your partner.

If you cleaned a lampshade in your dream, it means that in intimate life you want to clarify the responsibilities. In your opinion, you don’t need to “give” all the time and never “take back”. But you might never even think that your partner doesn’t know how to satisfy you, and exactly because of this you have problems in intimate life. Sometimes a person is shy to show the obvious attraction, because he/she is afraid to be blamed of licentiousness and incontinence. That is why you will not be able to solve the problem without sincere talk.

If a lampshade is broken, it indicates that your intimate life is not as good as it might seem at the first glance. Maybe, this is because you’ve lost sexual interest to each other, and now it is time of satiety, when you can’t satisfy each other as it was before.

If a lampshade is covered in dust, it means that your relationships have temporary discord, caused by estrangement to sex of one partner. And you have to do something in order to return the harmony to your relationship.

Family Dream Interpreter

Sometimes a lampshade means dejection and depression. But if you relax under the light – be sure, despite of present sadness, you will be happy in future.

If the light hurts your eyes, you will be trapped in a difficult situation. Don’t try to solve all troubles alone, wait for some help.

Lampshade made of glass, plastic or silk is the sign that somebody intrusive may appear in your surroundings.

Dream where you see a lampshade very clear means that you have to decrease the meaning and importance of future event.

As in real life, a lampshade is made to decrease the brightness of light to save your eyes, the same in the dream – it shows that you have to be more discreet in your feelings, and sometimes close your eyes on something. Otherwise, excessive emotions can complicate your life.

Dark lampshade with clusters is a sign of mourning and suffering.