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Lapdog - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a lapdog that licks your hand with devotion means that a dreamer will be able to find a prestigious and well-paid job with the help of a good friend.

Lying lapdog warns you of inability to get to work immediately because one of your family members will be sick and will need care and attention.

If you see a lapdog on the street running towards you, this dream predicts some great misfortune.

Dog’s bite portends changes in life plans. In dreams, a dog symbolizes friends, so if you dreamed of a lapdog gladly waging its tail - get ready for a pleasant meeting with old friends. Most likely, you have not seen each other for many years, but you preserved love and affection.

Miller’s dream book states that a lapdog is a sign of assistance, which you going to receive from your close friends in a difficult situation.

If a lapdog is unhealthy and thin, it means that sad events will disrupt your plans.

If you buy a lapdog, you will have troubles to which you will spend a lot of time and effort. Be patient, do not rush anything and it will end up quite well.

If your friend or relative bough a lapdog, you have to do a favor to them. If you killed or hit a lapdog – you risk unconsciously betraying a loved one.

In Vanga’s dream book, an absolutely white lapdog, which appeared in your dream, is a hint: you are incredibly lucky to have such good friends. You can always count on their help and support. Sometimes the meaning of this dream indicates an unexpected encounter with an old friend after many months apart.

Black lapdog is a forerunner of disappointment with a person whom you considered to be your best friend. At a difficult time for you, he/she will just ignore your request for help, but also will reveal your secrets in order to denigrate you in the eyes of others.

If you feed a lapdog, it means that your friends think that you are a serious and independent person, those are the features they love and respect you for.

Killed or wounded lapdog predicts sad news of incurable illness or even death of your good friend. Attack of a dog predicts the imminent clash with the forces of darkness.

To see a dirty lap-dog without an owner means that you will be disappointed because of some unfortunate incident.

If a lap-dog is kind with you, it means that you will have troubles caused by people you would never expect from.

If you throw a stone at a lap-dog, it means that soon you will betray your close person. Perhaps, you don’t want it, but your behavior will lead to this betrayal.