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Laser - Meaning of Dream

If you see laser in a dream, it is a lucky sign. You will have a long, rich life full of interesting events. You will also have influential and active patron. To your general surprise, you will not know from where this luck came. Anyways you don’t need to know that, it is better to use the chance and start some new undertakings, as it proven to be successful.

Laser, seen in the dream by a girl, portends an early marriage with a generous man who will surround their family with care and attention. Perhaps you will not fall in love from the first glance; however, you will be attracted by his kindness and love. This is the man you dreamed of, so, after such dream, you need to think about upcoming inevitable marriage.

If you see the ray, which is passing through clouds or fog, this dream portends poverty and deprivation. It is explained also by the dark image of clouds, but if you see a laser in other circumstances, of course you will find more favorable meaning.

If you dream of small particles of dust swirling in the rays of laser, it means, that in reality you will face anxiety, confusion, worries and threatening loss of money.

Powerful laser, seen in a dream means that minor difficulties of life are not worth of your sorrow, barriers are temporal, because you have support and help of people around. There is no need to be proud and better ask for help. Now is the time to act in cooperation, and that is how you will be able to make everything happen in the way you want.

If you see a bright laser that lit up all items in your house, advises to focus and think about your actions. Perhaps you are doing something, which can offend people around you, and your words may affect somebody a lot. In order to avoid such situation, analyze your actions and perform more of good things.

Laser in Miller dream book. If you woke up because somebody pointed a laser on you, it means that in real life luck and prosperity will accompany you for a very long time.

A dream in which the spotlight selectively illuminated objects, portends the dreamer the appearance of phenomenal ideas and guesses.

Sparkling with glitter dew drops in the sun portend richness and honor.

Laser beam in the dream is a sign of caution against reckless behavior and inconsiderate act.

If you did a surgery in a dream with the help of a laser beam, it means that in reality you are indecisive and non-independent person, always relying on the support of friends and family.