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Lasso - Meaning of Dream

To throw a lasso in a dream means that you have chances to gain success in any sphere. You just need to show your potential.

Lasso in your dream is a harbinger of troubles that will be caused by false friends and envious enemies.

If you see how somebody is catching a wild horse with a lasso, the dream predicts victory over your enemies, who will be caught in a cunning trap, which you have prepared for them. A dream where you throw a lasso on a horse means that you are too original with methods of gaining success. If you can’t catch a horse, you need to be honest with people around you. If you lie to them, it will not lead to anything good.

A dream, in which you see yourself being dragged with a lasso, foretells that you are dependent on someone and the situation is difficult for you; be ready for a lot of troubles and complications. You and your partner will lose money in a deal, which will not take place due to a mistake made by you. Perhaps after this dream you will have to look for another job or move to a new place of residence. If somebody catches you with a lasso, it means that your enemy will be able to win a fight with you.

If you see yourself throwing a lasso on somebody – it means that you need to be careful, your competitor is dodgy and cunning.

To catch a mustang with a lasso in the dream means that you can resist any competitor with the help of your tricks.

To be caught by a horseman means that you can be influenced a lot by people from unknown sphere.