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Lava - Meaning of Dream


Lava is a vivid symbol. Since ancient times, this mischief of nature has always been associated with fury, speed, and passion. Volcano represents a storm of emotions, violence of most diverse feelings.

This comparison is used when talking about relationships. Typically, in this case it is a question of love or romantic feelings.

However, often the lava from volcano is perceived as a sign of change, and grand events. From this follow a basic explanation of what the dreams of volcanic eruption means.

If you see erupting volcano with much of lava, such dream usually warns about the upcoming grand changes. Moreover, they will be as swift and irreversible as a natural phenomenon. It is possible that as a result the person would have to experience the whole range of emotions. This can be very angry and uncontrollable rage and unbridled passion and great joy.

Especially accurate is the foreshadowing if you see the dream of volcanic eruption and the red,hot mouth of the crater.

Lava from volcano is a sign that very soon something will explode in real life. Moreover, the change can be good and bad. Stones that roll out of volcano in a dream mean that you will face unexpected changes. Perhaps in your life you will meet some new bright and explosive person. It will be difficult to build relationship with him, but he will be able to change your life for better.

If you see the extinct volcano with solidified lava or if the volcanic eruption in the dream was over, but you plunged into the lava, and was covered with stones and ashes, it means that you should be more careful in life. This is a kind of warning that your levity will be the reason of your sorrows.

It is a good sign if you walk in or cooled lava or rocks. To see the volcano calmed down, it is a sign of a nice change. This means that all problems in life will be successfully solved, and there will be a long waited calmness in relations.

If you happened to see yourself in the midst of the eruption, it means that most likely you will feel unearthly passion for a very attractive person of the opposite sex.

In your dream you see fast flowing hot lava, you will live a quiet level life, and only sometimes you will encounter minor events, which will positively influence its course.

If you dreamed of colorful lava from volcanic eruption completely covering the sun with dark clouds of ash, it is a warning: your business partners do not play by the rules and want to hurt you. Eruption which demolished your house to the ground means that you have to beware, your personal life is under threat. Just one push, such as an innocent flirtation or adultery of a spouse can lead to a final break.

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